Carol Costa-Smith


Carol began working with seniors and disabled Californians in 1997 when she became licensed to sell long-term care insurance. She soon learned that many of those who really wanted the coverage and were willing to pay the high cost of the coverage already had health conditions that disqualified them from being insured. She knew there had to be a solution for those who did not qualify, short of losing all they had worked for. She learned about re-positioning assets using annuities that complied with Medi-Cal guidelines. In 2001, Carol co-ventured a corporation in Sacramento that helped hundreds qualify for Medi-Cal. The company did great as long as they were selling a lot of annuities. Unfortunately, annuities were not always the best solution for the clients. So Carol did NOT sell very many annuities. The company was not doing well. To continue the work that was so needed, they had only two choices: 1. Sell lots of annuities, or 2. Start a non-profit and continue to serve the best interests of the clients. In 2003, Carol incorporated a new company and applied for non-profit status. After one and a half years with no decision from the IRS, she closed down the office. Carol kept the promise to her clients that she would continue to take care of them. She moved the office to her home and set up shop in a 300 sq. ft. patio room. In June, 2005, Carol incorporated again, but this time on her own and received non-profit status in June, 2006. The Light for Seniors has processed applications in 22 California counties, and still maintains a 100% Medi-Cal qualification success rate. In June 2011, Carol and her husband relocated to SAN DIEGO!! The move was possible because The Light is able to help all of its clients over the phone and via mail, fax and email. She upgraded to an 880 sq. ft. office separate from her home. Carol has spoken at UC Davis, Sutter Hospital Roseville, Mercy Hospital Sacramento, and Kaiser Hospitals throughout Northern California, to name a few. The Light for Seniors receives referrals from Medi-Cal and Adult Protective Services, as well as various Placement and Home Care Agencies.

Carol Costa-Smith
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